The 8th Prague Workshop on Photoinduced Molecular Processes (PIMoP) will be a combination of informal meeting and workshop devoted to the interface of molecular photophysics, photo-chemistry, ultrafast photoinduced processes in molecules and nano-structures, and – as a new topic - dynamics at surfaces. The workshop will be held in Prague from March 18 (Sunday afternoon) to March 22, 2012 (Thursday afternoon) and try to maintain the familiar features of previous meetings of this series held in Prague, in particular the creative informal atmosphere of the workshops on spectroscopy, molecular photophysics and dynamics that have been organized by the team at the Czech Technical University in Prague since 1996.

The Workshop especially aims to bring together young researchers, to involve them in discussions with leading personalities of the field, and to encourage them to present and discuss their research as well as their opinions on current trends in science. In view of these aims the number of participants will be limited to about 50.

The meeting will start on Sunday evening with a keynote lecture and end on Thursday afternoon. The scientific program consists of oral contributions and discussions only, although a viewing space (posters) for materials related to the oral contributions and/or discussions will be available.

PIMoP 2010 participants: